Super Visa

If you are a Canadian resident or permanent resident, you can invite your parents or grandparents to visit you with the help of the super visa . This is a long term visa that allows parents and grandparents of Canadians to enter and exit the country over a 10-year period.

Because immigration for relatives (including parents and grandparents) takes a relatively longer time and due of recent policy changes, it is more advantageous if Canadians invite them for a visit with a super visa .

To qualify for a super visa , the Canadian child or grandchild must prove to the government that they have a good job and/or a steady source of income to financially support their visiting parents or grandparents. One of the conditions of a super visa is that the visitors must go through medical exams and the applicant’s (i.e. children and/or grandchildren of visitors) must purchase medical insurance for them for the entire duration of their visit.

Other requirements for a super visa including the same factors as other policies, including:

  • Screening for criminal activity;
  • Must prove to the immigration officer that the parents or grandparents are likely to go back to their home country at the end of their visit;
  • Must prove that they have the right means of transport to go back home to their home country.

It is very unlikely that a super visa application is rejected by an immigration officer, however, there are certain cases where some requests have been denied. In such situation, an appeal may be made to a federal court, however, in order to avoid such cases its prudent that applications may be filled out with the utmost attention and detail. If you would like to professional help, feel free to contact us today.