Study Permits & School Admissions

Schools in Canada offer quality, internationally-renowned education that prepare its students for a successful future. Canadian financial institutions are recognized for accommodating students of all interests and backgrounds, and offer a number of in-demand programs.

To study in Canada, you need to obtain a study permit , unless you are planning to attend a short-term study program with a duration of six months or less. There are a number of school options for those who want to study in Canada – elementary schools, universities and colleges, language and vocational schools – offered at costs that are generally lower than other developed countries.

Canada Study Permit

The easiest way to study in Canada is with a study permit . A study permit is a document issued by the government allowing a foreign national to study in Canada for a limited time. In order to obtain a study permit , prospective students must:

  • Receive a Letter of Acceptance from a recognized learning institution in order to start an application for a study permit;
  • Show financial proof to sustain first of tuition, living expenses, and return transportation to his or her home country;
  • Receive a Quebec Acceptance Certificate or CAQ if applying for schools in Montreal or elsewhere in Quebec;
  • Provide a clean criminal record, IRCC may request Police Clearance Certificate;
  • Be in good health, IRCC may request medical examination;
  • Prove to the immigration officer that he or she plans to leave Canada after the duration the study permit authorizes.

Renewing a Study Permit

Students may need to renew their study permits from time to time. To learn more about conditions that require students to renew study permit or if you require help renewing your study permit, click here.

Work While Studying in Canada

International students with a valid study permit may work on or off campus while studying in Canada, who may require additional funds to sustain their living expenses and/or tuition. To learn more about this,click here.

Sponsor Spouse & Children While Studying in Canada

International students can also sponsor their spouse or children while studying in Canada. They can either include them in their original application while applying for a study permit, or apply for them separately. Children of international students can attend elementary and secondary schools and their spouse can obtain a work permit. To learn more, click here.