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Ever wonder what attracts thousands of people to immigrate to Canada every year? With one of the most positive immigration policies in the world, Canada is ideal for immigrants looking for a new home that advocates diversity, promotes a high standard of living, and offers a prosperous economy with limitless opportunities.

To make your immigration from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and other countries easy, secure, and reliable, it is essential that you choose a certified Canadian immigration consultant.

As a part of ICCRC certified immigration consultants in Toronto, Immigration Grounds can help you identify and choose the right program for you and your family. Once decided on a particular program, we rigorously work towards turning your dream of making Canada your new home a reality.


Express Entry Visa

If you want to apply for Canada permanent residence via Express Entry, our counsellors will help create an online profile for…


Visitor Visa

Whether you want to visit Canada for business tours, leisure activities or as tourists, we stand by your side in…


Family Sponsorship

At Immigration Grounds, we help sponsor the families and relatives of Canadian citizens to reunite them with their near and dear…


Refugee Applications

Canada’s asylum process and refugee sponsorship process assists individuals living in unstable conditions in immigrating…


Student Visa

Our qualified consultants assist international students in obtaining study permits, postgraduate permits, and work …


Business Visa

If you are experienced in leading a successful business or can bring valuable skills into the Canadian economy, immigrate with…


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Individuals from all walks of life can live and work in Canada. With over 60 different programs available for immigration, applying can be an overwhelming task.

At Immigration Grounds, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge on different immigration programs and keep updated with the latest policy changes that may affect our clients. Our qualified and experienced consultants walk you through the entire immigration process, step-by-step.

Fast Visa Approval

Our approach for filing your application ensures speedy processing.

Low Refusal Rate

Our accuracy at every step greatly reduces the chance of visa refusal.

Qualified Team

Our team of consultants has the right skills and expertise to serve you.

Reasonable Costs

Our consultation fees and application filing costs are highly reasonable.

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